We as a Party of all sides and wings have to come to the understanding with the fact that we failed to win an outright majority in the 2010 General Election.

There are many different theories as to how this happened when we had such an assailing lead only weeks before. We could spend the whole of this Parliament discussing or complaining about what went wrong.

As the dawning of the next day slowly came upon us it was clear to see that we were not going to be able to form a working majority Government. We were then faced with 2 simple decisions… possibly 5 more years of Gordon Brown or the Coalition which we now have.

The true facts will never and neither should they come out into the Public domain in regards to the negotiations. Why, because we democratically elected David Cameron and he appointed MPs of his choosing to be his Shadow Cabinet now Cabinet. We have a massive task for the next 5 years keeping this Coalition together and us as grassroots must play our part in supporting the Prime Minister and his team.

I take a very active role in all that effects us as Party Members within the National structure. However, it is for us now to show that we put Country before Party, lobby behind the scenes and continue to campaign to ensure that in 5 years we return a Conservative Government with a working majority. We cannot change the result in 2010, but we now can start to make sure we get the right result in the next General Election. We need to be shoulder to shoulder and stronger than we have been for a long time as a Party and show this Country that the only choice is to vote Conservatives.